Which entree and side combo are you and your other half?

February 11th-16th at Grub, get any 2 entrees, 2 sides, and 2 shakes for $25! You read that right, $25! Plus, you can even trade in one or both shakes for a cocktail for a $2 upcharge per drink. Now THAT’S doing Valentines celebrating right. The only question left is what you should order when you go, and we might have the answer for you below.

It is not lost on us that Valentine’s day is usually accompanied by a unanimous worldwide groan. From the pressure of finding the perfect gift, making reservations, and of course being surrounded by couples when you’re happily sailing on the S.S. Solo, it’s not always the most anticipated holiday.

But we here at Grub think it gets a bad wrap! Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate all the good people in your life. Your bae, sure, but also your best friend from elementary school, your parents, your sister (even though she stole that shirt from you in high school and you have NOT forgotten about it) and even Greg down the hall in the office (anything to get him to not heat up fish in the microwave again).

So if you find yourself skeptical to celebrate the day, grab your person and find out which pairing of entree and side you are so you can celebrate with the correct items from February 11th-16th during are AWESOME Valentine’s deal!

The new hot couple on the scene- The Mighty Monte Cristo and Fries
Did you just become an item after meeting up at a bar last Friday after sliding into each others DMs (because you are both social media influences of course) You are without a doubt our Mighty Monte Cristo and Fries!

The long-lasting couple- The Front Porch Burger and Brussel Sprouts
Oh how classic your love, or friendship, is. You’re that couple that makes people cry in the airport because even at the age of 80 you still bring each other flowers when picking each other up from the airport after all those years.

The single that’s too hot to lock down – The Scorpion Burger
You are the exception to the rest. Your zesty taste for life leaves you too antsy to settle down with any one particular side, but you do you Scorpion, don’t let anyone dull your spicy side!

The adventurous outdoorsy couple – The Hippie Chickpea and Side Salad
Grab the camping gear! You guys LOVE to be one with the outdoors. Fresh vegetables and vegan-friendly options like the Hippie Chickpea are more your style. Pick up your wholesome Grub before your next outdoor picnic.

The Power Couple- The Ahi Tuna Bowl and Black Bean Corn Medley
Filled with passion and drive, you two have your eyes on the prize at all times. With no desire to be weighed down by others, you get your protein and inspiration from each other to never stop going and power on throughout your life, keep on keepin on you two!

The Gooey Couple- Mac ‘N Cheese Burger and Mac ‘N Cheese
PDA!!! We understand you love each other but you gotta stop finishing each other’s sentences all the time… but then again we understand. You are SO similar it’s hard to imagine life without one another. You go together flawlessly and leave every place you go a little cheesier.

*Wagyu not included in deal company-wide, additionally market burger not included at California stores*

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