Thanksgiving: Grub Style 

Friends and family are great! Food is great! Friends, family AND enough food to make you have to loosen your belt? Double great. What’s not so great is being the person that always comes empty handed to either your family thanksgiving or pre-turkey day Friendsgiving (or both). Although, in your defense, your ears are probably still ringing from the fire alarms that went off the last time you attempted to cook.

That’s where we come in. If you’re not exactly the cook of the friend group, or maybe you are but you just don’t have the time this year (or you don’t want to hear your uncle complain that the mashed potatoes are too “potatoey”. What does that even mean?). Why not put on your favorite fall sweater and let us take care of the rest!

The Snacks 

Who said queso wasn’t for Thanksgiving? No really, who? I want to talk to them because they couldn’t be more wrong. Look, I know that it might seem indulgent, but isn’t that what the whole day is about? Queso is the perfect shareable snack that will still keep everyone hungry for the main meal, but not so hungry that they start fighting before noon.

The Entree 

If sliced turkey and ham aren’t your thing, why not change it up and have a turkey burger? A delicious twist on the days main attraction, our Jive Turkey provides the perfect amount of savory goodness to fill that turkey day craving.

The Sides 

Ok, so maybe someone is providing the classic turkey and ham, so now you don’t know what to do. Luckily, you can never have too many sides. Why force yourself to eat that random “pink stuff” or mystery casseroles, when you could bring perfectly cooked and queso-fresco topped brussel sprouts? While we’re at it, why not add some deliciously cheesy mac n’ cheese to your meal? Actually now that I think of it, why wouldn’t you do this? Love yourself and do this.

The Drinks 

Meet up with friends at Grub for a few cocktails before the delicious meal. Or, just move the friendsgiving meal to the restaurant all together! Then you don’t have to cook OR clean up. Honestly this option sort of makes the rest of the blog irrelevant, doesn’t it? Yet, I bravely give you this idea because I’m just that nice. Plus, this is the season of giving, which includes giving  great ideas.

The Dessert 

Ah, the last cherry on top of the Thanksgiving meal. Dessert. If you want to awe your guests, why not be the one that thinks outside of the box? Wow your friends by bringing one of every shake to appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth. From mint chocolate and strawberry, to our E.T. and Kitchen Sink, there is a shake for everyone out there, and they will surely be thankful for one. Plus, I heard there’s less calories when you drink your dessert…

Weather you choose to spread the knowledge of how good Grub is, or try to convince people that you stayed up all night cooking the delicious food that is now in your personal tupperware and no longer in To Go containers, we hope that we can help be a part of making your holiday the best one yet.

(We won’t snitch on you if you’re the second kind of person.)

*PLEASE NOTE: We are closed on Thanksgiving day, so if you want Grub for your holiday meal, please plan accordingly* 

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