Safety on the Brain

With the recent news of some states taking additional COVID 19-related precautions, we want to take the opportunity to share all that we have been doing since day 1 of COVID, and continue to follow in order to ensure the safety of our Grubsters and our customers! We take this extremely seriously and have been taking multiple precautionary measures, including:

1. GRUBSTER WELLNESS CHECKS: Each Grubster completes a wellness check when they arrive, before they report to work to ensure a safe and healthy Grubster is serving you.

2. MASKS: We continue use of face masks for all our Grubsters. We encourage our customers to observe this guidance as well.

3. GLOVES & HANDWASHING: Our Grubsters practice rigorous handwashing and proper glove use at all times.

4. SANITATION & SAFETY: We have a Grubster every shift whose main responsibility is sanitizing any and every surface that could be in contact with our customers or Grubsters. We have added hand sanitizing stations throughout the restaurant, including outside of the entrance. We have plexiglass barriers at our registers, as well as dedicated spots for clean pens and used pens to be placed, to ensure anything you touch has been sanitized. We also have added plexiglass barriers between our booths in many of our restaurants.

5. SOCIAL DISTANCING: We are practicing social distancing and have made accommodations in our dining rooms to ensure appropriate social distancing protocols are being followed. You can help us by following posted instructions throughout the restaurant, and avoid any table or seat that is blocked off to ensure proper social distancing.

6. GARNISHES & SAUCES: Sauces and garnishes for iced tea are kept in individually sealed containers and available by asking any Grubster. This ensures that only clean, gloved hands have handle the items. We also are not garnishing cocktails unless requested.

7. OCCUPANCY: We are following all occupancy guidelines to prevent overcrowding inside our restaurants and assist with social distancing.

8. TRAINING: We regularly train our teams on the most up to date CDC and local Health Department recommendations.

In addition, we will continue to offer online ordering for To-Go, contact-free curbside pick-up and contact-free delivery.

We are here for our communities during this time and will continue to keep your safety at the top of our priority list. We are so excited to see you and look forward to having you in our restaurant again.

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