Ring in the new year with a Grub Party Pack 

Another new year has finally begun. But this isn’t just the start of a new year, it’s a new decade! We are surely not the first people to mention this to you. In fact you are probably getting quite annoyed hearing it at this point. But what is fresh, new and exciting? Our Grub Party Packs!

A full year consists of birthdays, office parties, game nights, game watching parties, and so much more. The common theme between all these events? The stress of planning out all the details, one of the most important being the food. So why not let us handle that part, and you can practice those origami skills you’ve been trying, and finally nail the decorations. Or something else.

What is a party pack you ask?

It is some of the best of the best that Grub offers, all wrapped up into one big deal! If you are wanting to feed a hungry group of 12-15 you can get all three of the platters for just $165! This includes 40 tenders, 40 wings, 14 Cheeseburger sliders, queso, guacamole, carrots and chips. Not dazzled yet? You get to pick your choice of wing sauce and dipping sauce.

There are many great things about this party pack, but the best is that there is something for everyone. That one friend that can always find something wrong with anything at all? It’s for them. The one friend who won’t even eat anything but will make sure to post about it? It’s for them too!

Superbowl is coming up! Call your local Grub today to place your order. Click here for more info.

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