Four Reasons to Love the GrubLove App

Glued to your phone? Hey, we don’t judge. In fact, we’re here to offer up yet another reason to burn through some data.

The GrubLove loyalty app is your go-to for all things Grub. You can use it to skip the lines by ordering your meals ahead of time, purchase and send digital gift cards, locate your nearest Grub Burger Bar when you’re on the road and — here’s the big one — scan your receipts to rack up points and earn free Grub. Purchasing gift cards through the app basically turns your mobile device into a digital wallet where you can sock away virtual money to spend exclusively on Grub.

It only takes 50 points to score a $5 rewards credit, and points can accumulate pretty quickly, especially if you help us spread the word. For every person you refer to the rewards program, both you and your friend will receive 20 points. And here you thought popularity didn’t matter after high school.

Because we’re all about sharing the GrubLove, you’ll get instant rewards just for signing up. For a limited time, new GrubLovers get a free order of our amazing cheese fries when they download the app. Celebrating another trip around the sun? Use GrubLove and get a free shake on your birthday. The app is also a great place to learn about special offers, such as double points during the holidays. Want even more? Sign up through Facebook and you’ll score 10 bonus points. Cha-ching!

The GrubLove app is available for both iPhone and Android mobile devices, but if you’re kicking it old school, you still can sign up via email to access all the loyalty perks.

Ready to redeem your hard-earned rewards? Head to a participating Grub, open the app and hit the “redeem” button to generate a unique QR code for the cashier to scan. It’s that easy.

Thanks for helping us share the love!

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