Market Menu Spotlight: Cuban Burger and All Shook Up Shake

To call the burger-and-shake combo a classic would be a huge understatement. In fact, it’s the foundation on which our menu is built.

But while some burger joints are content to serve up the same ol’ beef patty and chocolate shake, we like to take a walk on the wild side. We build our burgers using only high-quality ingredients, and our shakes highlight the kind of culinary creativity that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Looking for a new favorite? You’re in luck. Here’s a look at two of our featured Market menu items that are guaranteed to go above and beyond your expectations. Havana isn’t too far away with our Cuban Burger inspired by the traditional Cuban sandwich. It features a mojo-marinated pork patty topped with Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and caramelized onion mustard and is served on a garlic bun.

Meanwhile, our All Shook Up Shake is a concoction fit for a king. No, make that the King. For this shake, we blend together peanut butter, fresh-sliced bananas and candied bacon, then top it all off with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Classic? OK, maybe not. Delicious? You bet. Come on over and try them for yourself.

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