Mardi Grub: Fat Tuesday with Grub 

Loosen those belt buckles and get your beads ready to throw… It’s Mardi Gras time! While the history of Mardi Gras and the “Fat Tuesday” that precedes it has religious roots, over the years it has become a time for people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate. Ok, so maybe that was just a nicer way of saying  it’s an excuse to party, but hey, we are not ones to shy away from a party! Thus, what better way to kick off the Mardi Gras season on this Fat Tuesday with the most indulgent of Grub combos you could possibly dream of?

Whether you are about to participate in lent, the parades on the streets of New Orleans, both, or neither, today should be a day you not only treat yourself, but allow yourself a truly indulgent meal. If you need some suggestions on how to do just that, read on for some drool-worthy inspiration.

Idea 1: The Cheese Coma  

Let’s start with one of our fan favorites and easily one of the most deliciously indulgent things we offer on our menu, the Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger. While our cooks are in the kitchen putting together this steaming, gooey, bacon loaded burger for you, why not get the game started with some cheese fries while you wait? Why? Because why not! Maybe you are there with company, and maybe you aren’t, (we won’t judge) nothing helps get you ready for a cheesy burger overload than…. Cheesy bacon topped cheese fries of course! Once you have devoured the cheese fries and burger, why not marry them with a split decision side of sweets and fries and a peanut butter loaded E.T. shake to polish it all off. Look, we said at the top this was a day of indulgence.

Idea 2: Fried and Floated 

Let’s start this combo off with a nice classic round of chips ‘n queso. Mmmmm how the savory cheese melts all over the crispy warm chips, too good to resist! Next, let’s put our bibs on and enjoy our crunchy, savory, oh so heavenly Southern Fried Chicken Club Sandwich. Since we are enjoying a nice crunchy sandwich, let’s pair it with a side of steaming brussels sprouts and a root beer float shake to wash it all down with.

Idea 3: Put a wing on it 

How have we gotten to idea 3 and not even mention wings yet?? Well, now we are! Sorry, we can’t help it that there are so many good options on our menu it took us till now, but here we are. So, let’s start off with some hot and spicy Honey Sriracha wings and a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing so as to really make the most of this starter. Next, let’s go for the bell of the ball and get the Cadillac Wagyu, made with premium wagyu beef. Or, let’s trade it in for the equally delicious and very similar Maverick, with the same delicious toppings, but a plant-based Beyond Meat® protein substitute. Either way, you’ve chosen correctly. Then, let’s really show how much we love this meal, by putting a ring, or onion ring to be exact, on the side of this delicious main dish. Ah almost done, but how can we polish off this decadent meal? A nice fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie shake of course.

Idea 4: The Ultimate Split Decision 

Ok so maybe you’re in the mood to splurge today, but you just aren’t feeling like a burger. Well that’s fine! Why not dip your toes into the realm of leafy greens and get a delicious and fruity Napa salad. On the side? ALL THE SIDES. Literally. Let’s pair this lighter salad with onion rings, sweets, fries, black bean & charred corn medley, and brussels sprouts. Life is too short to say no to sides, so let’s just go for it! Since we started with a nice bright salad, let’s polish it off with a classic Strawberry shake to complement the fresh strawberries in our bountifully green main course.

Whether you celebrate Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday or the upcoming Lent season, we hope that today’s blog has inspired you to share some good food with good people today. Even if it’s not one of these oh so delicious, but albeit rather “jeans might not fit afterwards” meals.

Plus, if you are participating in the upcoming lent season and need meat-free options but still want to get your Grub on, don’t forget we have an uber delicious Salmon Burger and an Ahi Tuna Bowl that will satisfy all your taste bud needs!

*Items vary at certain locations*

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