Introducing our 2019 January & February Market items

Grub Market Items

If you’ve read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, not only are you more cultured and intellectual than most of your friends, but you’ll also be excited about Grub’s newest Market item. 

As you already know, the book tells the story of a French man imprisoned under false charges in the early 19th century. If you don’t already know, not only does he escape, he discovers the lost treasure of Monte Cristo, becomes a count and gets revenge on everyone who wronged him.

What does this have to do with burgers? Well, we’re actually still figuring that out for ourselves. The Count of Monte Cristo took place in France, and the original Monte Cristo is a fried ham and cheese sandwich, a variation of the French croque-monsieur. (That’s French for Mr. Croquet, we presume?)

For almost a century, there have been quite a few variations on this classic sandwich. They were good and all, but we at Grub Burger Bar thought it was time for a major upgrade.

Introducing the Mighty Monte Cristo! It’s got our signature beef patty topped with Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese and American cheese, all deep-fried and topped with powdered sugar and a side of raspberry jam. Oh, and a side of fries. And yes, we said deep-fried.

All for just $6.95 (unless it’s our Midland or California location: $7.95).

But wait! There’s more. 

“Burger” may be in our name, but you know we’re all about that shake life, too. Something about them just reminds us of being a kid.

In the spirit of childhood bliss, we doubled down on our newest Market shake. Introducing our Cocoa Puff Brownie Malt. It’s got brownies, Cocoa Puffs and chocolate malt topped with Cocoa Puffs, chocolate sprinkles and a brownie.

You’d almost think we let one of our kids make it. (Maybe we did. You’ll never know!)

Monte Cristos and Cocoa Puffs. That’s what Grub does.

Come try out our exciting new Market items, but only for a limited time. See you soon!

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