Grub November Market Menu Spotlight

Well, we finally made it. Winter was wistful. Spring was short-lived. Summer was one hot humdinger.

And now it’s fall — or, as we like to think of it, our reward for making it through the year’s first nine overhyped months. (Sorry, we’re still sizzling from that scorching summer. Still a little upset about it, TBH.)

Now that you know how much Grub loves fall, it’s no surprise that we celebrate it in the only way we know how. We’re talking a full fall food overload!

So we’re proud to introduce our two new fall-centered, foodie-loving menu items: the Stuffing Your Face Sandwich and Pecan Pie Shake. Where to start?

Okay, how about with the main course. Duh.

Have you ever combined the entire Thanksgiving spread into one heavenly sandwich? Well, we’ve done that homework for you. Behold: shaved smoked turkey, swiss cheese, cranberry mayo, brown gravy and French fried onions on homemade stuffing bread. THIS is the Thanksgiving meal you wish you’d had to begin with.

Anyway, there is one bad thing about Thanksgiving. It’s only one meal. But not at Grub this fall. You could have the Stuffing Your Face Sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wanted.

But fall isn’t fall without falling in love with pie all over again. And our Pecan Pie is single and ready to mingle.

We’re not going to wade into the whole pronunciation debate (pee-can versus pee-cahn) but we will go on record and say that our Pecan Pie Shake is as good as Mom makes. Unless your Mom is, you know, bad at making pie — or just food in general. Then maybe your Grandma?

Your family tree aside, Pecan Pie is one of the defining flavors of the season. Our shake comes topped with a luscious caramel drizzle that will have you wishing you hadn’t filled up on all of those Stuffing Your Face Sandwiches beforehand. (Pace yourself, friend!) It’s been a long year after all. You deserve to stuff your face.

Not that we’re suggesting you have your Thanksgiving meal with us — after all, we’ll be making the trip over the river and through the woods to celebrate the holiday with our own Grandma, if not Mary-Kate and Ashley’s — but you certainly can celebrate fall all fall long at your nearest Grub Burger Bar. So pull out those scarves and earmuffs, adorn yourself with your finest plaid something, light those Pumpkin Spice candles and try our newest menu items, available for a limited time only.


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