Grub Menu Items as Spring Break Destination Inspiration

Can’t decide where to go for spring break this year? Having trouble deciding which of our menu items is your favorite? Read on for some pairings of what we think some of our menu items would be if they were vacation destinations and maybe you’ll find an answer to one, or both of your questions!


Mac ‘N Cheese- Disney World

Let your inner kid out! Or maybe you still ARE a kid- either way, if it’s our spunky Mac ‘N Cheese you desire, it could be Disney World that is the answer to your youthful call for adventure, while still enjoying the classics. There’s nothing wrong with a little good old fashion fun (or yum).

GuacapotleTM – Mexico

Mmmm delicioso! If it’s our guacamole-stacked burger you crave, perhaps it’s Mexico that you should visit this spring break. Not only is Mexico one of the largest avocado producers in the world, but nothing goes better with fresh guacamole than a beer by the beach. Get some of our homemade guacamole on your Grub, then plan your tropical vacation!

Wild Caught Salmon Burger- California 

What could be fresher than a burger with Fresh Caught Salmon? We can’t think of anything. If it’s the lighter yet flavor-filled you want, perhaps the beaches of California are where you are meant to be for a relaxing vacation! You like a relaxed and zesty vibe, so where could be better to embrace that than the sun-soaked state? Something smells fishy in your future. (ha)

Market Items- Staycation

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little zen time in your very own home. The simple act of turning on your “vacation mode” setting without actually having to travel anywhere can be the best vacation of them all!  If this sounds like you, our market items are the staycation destination for you. Plus, you can even get the market items to go and enjoy them during your staycation, talk about a win-win.

Split Decision- Colorado 

After all of these suggestions, you still haven’t picked something that sounds good? The split decision is your best bet. For those of us who can’t decide, why not have the best of both worlds with BOTH. If you like a little of everything, Colorado, like our split decision side is perfect! From skiing to hiking and camping, to resort stays, what could be better than one that offers it all? PLUS there’s the 4 meeting points spot, so even if you are having second thoughts DURING vacation, you can go be in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah all at once!

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