Three Ways to Celebrate a Three Day Weekend

The 3 day weekend is here and we must remember Memorial Day is a day we as a country come together to honor and remember our servicemen and women who answered America’s call to service and paid the ultimate price. Memorial Day is the time for Americans to say, “Thank you. We remember you.

If you spent too much time waiting for the weekend instead of planning what to do with that extra 24 hours and find yourself in a pickle, don’t worry, we have assembled a great game plan for you that involves… you guessed it… GRUB!

Combo 1

Nothing will put a little pep in your step and kick off the weekend better than our spicy Scorpion burger. Don’t pretend you aren’t drooling already. Oops, maybe that’s because the burger is a little too spicy for you. In that case, let’s pair this nicely with the black bean & charred corn medley on the side to help cool you down, but still keep the party going. Finally, what’s a meal if not finished off with a drink? Sticking with the festive vibe of this meal, get our classic $5 Rita to get you feeling ready to put on that bathing suit and do a belly flop into the pool that will embarrass everyone you know.

Combo 2

Oh Voodoo Mushroom burger, how you smell of sweet summertime with all of your delicious mushroom goodness. How could you NOT order that glorious, juicy burger to enjoy on a sunny three day weekend? That’s right, you CAN’T! If you are smart enough to know that, you know you can’t let that burger go down all by itself, pair it with a split decision of fries and onion rings, because much like a three day weekend, why not get as much time off, or deliciousness as you can? Finally, if that split decision then has you fretting over what drink to get, lets top this all off with a Dirty Kitchen Sink shake, bringing so many elements all in one meal and making it a part of your weekend you can brag about on Tuesday.

Combo 3

Perhaps it’s not a crazy weekend out that you are craving, but a nice relaxing one filled with some needed extra downtime. In that case, get our classic and calming Front Porch burger. With its familiar and friendly presence on our plate, let’s add a little extra something-something with a side of mac n cheese, comforting yet adding a little more POW to the meal. Finally, finish off this “treat yo self” weekend meal with a nice glass of Wente Cabernet (or two) to polish off this savory weekend delight of a meal.


No matter how you celebrate this weekend, we hope it’s filled with sun, fun, and of course, Grub!

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