Grub Inspired Halloween Costumes

Ah spooky season, we meet again. The sweet smell of candy fills the air and fake cobwebs insult spiders everywhere. It goes without saying that Halloween isn’t for everyone, but why not indulge the inner kid inside you this year and dress up? Why not try and win that office costume contest, or delightfully shock all the trick-or-treating kids in your neighborhood this year? If you have decided to do just that, read on for some Grub inspired suggestions sure to spook and impress!

Front Porch 

A classic on the menu and as a costume, you can do the lower level challenge and dress as a classic burger! Want to take it up a notch? Literally get a box, put a small chair on top and call yourself the front porch! Want to take it really literal? Just wear camouflage while sitting on your front porch handing out candy. Either way, this classic is sure to get a few laughs and maybe even a few scares if you can blend in really well with the porch.


Looking for a couple’s costume? This might just be your best bet. After all, what could go better with a wing costume than your partner as a dipping sauce costume! Don’t have time to construct those? Why not wear some wings and a name tag that says “spicy”. There is a lot you can do with this one, but hopefully we’ve given you a good starting spot.


Sure, you can be a piece of candy, but why not be a more exotic sweet? A sweet potato fry! No one will be expecting you to show up in an elegant potato costume, it is sure to earn some tip of the hats.

E.T. or E.T. Drunk Dial for the adult version

There are some costumes around Halloween that are truly out of this world, and this can be one of them! Whether you take this like Drew Barrymore, riding a tiny bike with a small alien giving direction, a full alien bodysuit, or just wearing a shirt with aliens or a space scene on it, this is a sure hit. Want to take it up a notch for the no-kids party? Have one of our boozy shakes before you go and get into a boozy head SPACE.


A maverick is a rebel that goes against the grain. It’s also a horse. Oh, and also a character in Top Gun. You have a lot of options with this one. Going the punk rock route? Get those paper clips off your work desk and wear them as earrings, put on those red plaid jeans and that Ramones shirt from the back of your closet with a hole in it. There you go, you’re a grade-A rebel. You could also just get a horse costume, fun and … horsey! And then of course just google Top Gun and go from there if you want the Tom Cruise look.

These are just a few options, of course, our menu has plenty more delicious menu items that can inspire your perfect costume. And if this still hasn’t made you want to dress up, why not just book a party at Grub to drink and eat, that way you are guaranteed to get a treat instead of a trick.

Happy Halloween from Grub!

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