Do you guys deliver?

Do you guys cater?

Yes click here!

If you do not see your store please head to our locations page to contact your local Grub.

Where can I find allergen information?

What is the “Grub Gives Back” program?

At Grub, we recognize how much we get from the communities in which we’re located. That’s why we’re excited to have the opportunity to give back to the community through our “Grub Gives Back” program!

The program is simple: when you sign up, your organization receives a percentage of an order’s profits every time a Grub diner mentions your school or program at check-out.

A “Grub Gives Back” initiative can last a day, a week, or even a month. It’s a great way to raise money for athletic departments, (let’s be real: the mascot could use a new uniform), fund a specific cause (such as new computers), save up for a class trip, or aid a family, student, or new teacher in need.

Care to make things interesting? Set up a competition with the crosstown rivals. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is get in touch with the manager at your local Grub.

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Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes we do! Grub Love is our new app based, points driven, loyalty program. We appreciate and want to recognize our most valued customers. Grub Love is simple and gives you the freedom and flexibility to sign up how you want (app, email, or Facebook), you get a point for every dollar spent. When you get to 50 points you get $5 in rewards. It’s that simple.

In addition, you can order online from the app, buy, use or transfer gift cards, and our scanners at every register allows for hassle free and convenient earning and redeeming of your rewards.

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Where can I buy 10 or more gift cards at a time?

It’s great that you have such hungry friends! Head over to the Grub gift card shop and give the gift of Grub!

Can I start a franchise or be involved in owning a restaurant in any way?

Grub restaurants are all company owned with the exception of one franchise group in CA. We are not actively looking for franchise partners at this time.

Where can I find out about new restaurants in my area?

Our Grub locations are updated as soon as we know, so check back often. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we’ll announce new Grubs as soon as we can!

Where can I find nutritional information?

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