Treat Dad to some Grub this Father’s Day — and enter to win a Yeti cooler!

Father's Day

There’s no doubt about it: Dad is the man. At Grub Burger Bar, we’re counting all the reasons we’re a big fan of dads in honor of Father’s Day.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Dad’s got a seriously dope sense of style. You say Dad jeans? We say good genes. It takes a certain je ne sais quoi — maybe he’s born with it? — to pull off the denim-shorts-and-white-sneakers combo, and for that we salute the paragon of sartorial splendor we call Pops.

And let’s not forget Dad’s great sense of humor. Those puns might seem corny at first blush, but you know you find yourself chuckling — and repeating them — later.

Then there are all the special things Dad did for you over the years. He took you fishing. He was the one to hoist you up on his shoulders so you could get a better view at the zoo. He was the one to let you win at  HORSE — just barely! — until he knew you could win fair and square. He shared his love for a particular sports team. He shared his love for a particular swear word when that particular sports team performed particularly poorly. He taught you to drive. He taught you another swear word when you drove the car into the mailbox.

In other words, what’s not to celebrate about Dad? (OK, there is that whole ‟pull my finger” routine.) And you know all that fathering works up an appetite. This Father’s Day, give the old man his just desserts and then some. Give him the gift of Grub goodness. From June 12 through June 18, dads can get a burger with fries plus any beer or shake for just $14. Wouldn’t the dad who showed you how to hook those horns love the Lockhart Legend + Fries + a Shiner Bock? And, for the dad who always picks up the phone when you’re calling in a favor, what could be more appropriate — or tastier — than our Jive Turkey + Fries + ET shake? (Offer excludes wagyu beef burgers and spiked shakes, and prices will vary in California.)

And this year, skip the tie and tackle box and give Dad what he really wants: a Yeti Tundra 35, perhaps? We’ll be giving away one of these cool coolers — Dad joke! — to one lucky winner. Check our Facebook page for details.

Here’s to Dad!

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