A recipe for the perfect weekend

   Summer is coming to a close, but we get one last three day weekend to go out in style! THIS SUNDAY ONLY (September 1st) you can get $5 off your online order of at least $15 when you use promo code “GRUB19”.

   Plus, what better way to celebrate a long weekend than with a juicy and delicious burger? If you’re not sure what you want to get, read on! While all of our burgers are loved, we want to highlight some true fan-favorites that are guaranteed to make the weekend even better!

Bacon Love #9

Everything’s better with bacon. It’s basically a proven fact. Do you know what’s REALLY even better with bacon? A burger! Our Bacon Love #9 with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and Secret Sauce #9, this is a can’t miss burger. Are you drooling yet? No, keep reading, you’ll get there.

Front Porch

Simple, sure. But classics are classic for a reason, they are too good to beat! With juicy meat, fresh from scratch buns, mustard, mayo, and tomato, this burger will have you feeling satisfied and ready to keep the weekend party going.

Lockhart Legend

If you thought our Bacon Love #9 sounded good, buckle in. Our Lockhart Legend is like if the Bacon Love #9 was a teenager, and has now grown up into a respectable young adult. Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce… TWO ONION RINGS and sliced dill pickles, just wow.

Cadillac Wagyu

Premium Wagyu beef blend cooked medium rare, roasted A1 aioli, marinated grilled tomato (pause to wipe the drool from your face) arugula, Swiss and French fried onions. We truly don’t know how one burger can offer so many kicks of flavor and zest, but this bad boy proves it can.


The cousin of the Cadillac Wagyu, and a newcomer to the menu. Our Maverick has Beyond Meat® (100% plant-based patty) roasted garlic A1 aioli, marinated grilled tomato, arugula, Swiss and French fried onions. If you haven’t had this yet, what a perfect weekend to try something new out so you have some fresh water-cooler conversation topics on Tuesday that everyone can be jealous of?

We hope you have a great 3 day weekend, made even better with one of these delicious burgers!

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