25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Grub

So you think you know Grub Burger Bar. You have your favorite burger and shake. You’re always up on the seasonal specials. You take full advantage of the Grub Love appBut there’s a lot more to the Grub than meets the eye. Here are 25 fun facts you never knew about Grub Burger Bar!

  1. What’s in a name? Ours came from a cookbook our founder saw on display in a bookstore while on vacation with his family.

  2. Hello, Mr. Popular. The Mac ‘N’ Cheeseburger has been our most frequently featured market burger.

  3. We got the name for our Jive Turkey burger from the 1983 comedy “Trading Places.”

  4. We’re a pretty chill place to work. Case in point: Nine employees have been with us since Day 1 of our opening in March 2012.

  5. Going against the grain? We have gluten-free buns available, and many of our menu items (such as our sweet potato fries, chorizo queso and some of our salads) are naturally gluten-free.

  6. We’re inspired by the best of the best. Our Lockhart Legend burger is named after is named after the city of Lockhart, which is the BBQ capital of Texas.

  7. Sometimes things change. Our original Hippie Chick burger had a portabella mushroom pattie.

  8. Staying true to our roots, our headquarters is located down the road from the original Grub Burger Bar in College Station, TX.

  9. Some might call us saucy. That’s because we have more than 14 sauces and dressings we make ourselves from scratch.

  10. What’s on tap? Well, that depends on location and season, but all stores carry Shiner Bock so they can make our Shiner Bock beer-battered onion rings.

  11. All of our stores have wooden 2x4s somewhere in their design. Have fun counting them!

  12. Everyone has a nerdy side. Our chef, for example, competed in Excel sheet competitions in high school. He is so good with Excel, his nickname is the Excel Wizard.

  13. We’re perfectionists. It took us nine times to get our Bacon Love secret sauce right, which is why it’s named “Secret Sauce #9.”

  14. Sometimes it’s the simple things. Of all our spiked shakes, the Bourbon & Caramel is the most popular.

  15. You know what we said about being perfectionists? Well, we used to have straight-cut sweet potato fries, but then we realized the waffle cut is just way better. You’re welcome.

  16. Say what? Our Guacapotle™  is pronounced guac-a-POLT-lay.

  17. Hey, we’re open to suggestions. We thought we had our guac recipe down pat when we opened, but one of our kitchen guys, Arturo, made a few tweaks here and there and made it even better.

  18. Remember the iPod? Our restaurant playlists are inspired by what our founder had on his iPod.

  19. The doctor is in the house! No, really. Whenever we make decisions, we ask ourselves, “What would Dr. Seuss do?”

  20. There’s just something about the South. Our first store outside of Texas was in Atlanta, GA.

  21. Grub go Bragh. We love taking part in the Dallas St. Patty’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue, where you can find us cooking burgers and pouring beer. Keep an eye out for us. We’re the ones wearing green.

  22. OK, so we like movies. The name for our You’re My Boy Blue burger came from the 2003 comedy “Old School.”

  23. Hey, bartender. Every Grub has a full bar that includes top-shelf liquor, craft beer, wine and more.

  24. No growing pains here. Since we first opened up shop five years ago, we’ve expanded to 18 stores in seven different states — and we’re looking to add more.

  25. This is what it’s all about: Grub stands for Good people, Real food, Unique vibe and Big flavors.

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